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  • Shelby Dominski

Ecstatic Dance & Movement Locations to Note

Below I have compiled a list of studios/locations I found while traveling to make it easy for you to attend if you live in that city or are visiting. I will add to this list as I go:

Omculture – Seattle, WA

This one I put first on the list because it is so very near and dear to my heart. This is truly a magical place with a super conscious heart-centered community. I started attending their dances two to three times per week back in September of 2018. The connections that I have made through Omculture have been invaluable and have improved my overall mental health greatly. I have found that these people get it – they are open to new perspectives and can be your new greatest supporters. Currently they have two dances – one on Tuesdays and one of Thursdays but check their website for up-to-date information. There are two studios in Seattle – one in Greenlake hosting more yoga focused classes and the other in Wallingford which is where the ecstatic dances are held.

Dance Underground – Seattle, WA

Located in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Seattle, this dance studio hosts weekly ecstatic dances on Wednesdays and Sundays along with other forms of dance and movement. Check online for updates.

The Movement Sanctuary – St. Petersburg, FL

I was not able to make it to the dance when I was in St. Pete’s but I have heard really great things about this place from friends! They have over 60 classes a week with various forms of movement. They call their ecstatic dances “improvisation dance”. Online I see that they have these classes on Tuesday evenings but check their site for the most up to date information when visiting.

Indras Awarehouse – Austin, TX – During my two-week stay in Austin, I attended their ecstatic dance classes twice. The space is beautiful with original art posted all around and dim lighting. There is a communal kitchen for after dance snacks and connection. I would highly suggest this place for meeting new people in the area. They have these classes on Thursday evenings and other events throughout the week but check their site for the most up to date information when visiting.

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge – Austin, TX – they have a ton of classes here from meditation, yoga, handpan, sound healing, to ecstatic dance. I took a Kundalini Yoga class when I was in the area. Every class is accompanied by a cacao elixir. They have their dance on Sundays but check their site for the most up to date information when visiting.

Bat City Circus – Austin, TX – I bought a three-day class pass and learned silks, lyra, and static trapeze for the first time. It was so much fun trying new things with the owner Eve as the instructor. They have daily classes for all different types of apparatuses.

Be Hot Yoga – St. George, UT – I bought a three-day class pass to this gym as well when I was in Utah. So far, I went to the candlelight hot yoga and was pleasantly surprised at how unique this class was. The instructor sat in the center of the dark room and talked us through some introspective thoughts he had about the Tibetan Book of the Dead and then led us through a heart centered flow. I felt connected to my own body and my mind felt at ease. They do not do ecstatic dance often here but sometimes they have workshops with cacao.

Denver Ecstatic Dance - Denver, CO - I attended one of their dances on a Sunday in the summer. It was small but was just what I was looking for. This was a class that allowed you to move as freely as you would like.


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